Gore Residence

LocationKshipra Society, Karvenagar, Pune
Area1,700 Sq.Ft.
StatusCompleted 2024
ClientRashmi & Anil Gore
The design of this home is all about storytelling through décor. It was our way to celebrate cultural identity and create a unique atmosphere that resonates with the client’s personal tastes and global aesthetics. The goal was to create a space that reflects the rich diversity and heritage of different Indian cultures, resulting in a warm, inviting, and eclectic environment.
The textiles and fabrics used including rugs, throws, cushions, and draperies exhibit traditional patterns, intricate designs and vibrant colors from Indian cultures.
The furniture pieces were chosen for their artisanal value and craftsmanship that were either hand-carved or painted with ethnic motifs. Decorative accessories like pottery, sculptures, baskets, and wall hangings add depth and authenticity to the design.
The color palette chosen in this ethnic design is typically rich and earthy. It includes deep reds, oranges, browns, and other colors inspired by nature.
A harmonious blend of various ethnic elements were thus used to create a cohesive look.